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Exchange Teacher Perspectives

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Zhiming Wang
Mandarin and Chinese culture

Essay:  My  Terrific School in Maine!  Click on photo at left for detailed description of this Chinese exchange teacher and the variety of professional, sports and cultural experiences in a very welcoming Main town.

Eloise Engel
German Immersion
Currently teaching first-grade German in an international school, Eloise is fluent in several languages.  She offers a fascinating look at how a foreign exchange teacher is able to assimilate comfortably into American culture, then bring back to the home country a more accurate view of life in America and the U.S. education system.  Click on photo for her articulate essay.

Zhiming Wang                    
Mandarin and Chinese culture
Zhiming Wang, shares his experience to help future teachers who apply to obtain a J-1 visa through the Cordell Hull Foundation (CHF).  Click on his photo at left for a blow-by-blow description of what transpired during his successful J-1 visa interview at the American Embassy in Shanghai.  Also, you will find several photos chronicling his winter outdoor activities during his teaching days in the U.S. Northeast - in English.

John Bradfield
New Zealand
High School Baccalaureate
John Bradfield is currently Dean of Academics at a large NE boarding school for girls. This is his first experience teaching outside of his native New Zealand.  The CHF teacher exchange has enabled him to come with his family to live in America.  Previously he was a professional sheep shearer growing up on his family's farm in New Zealand. Click on photo to view his sheep-shearing demonstration, sharing this tradition in the U.S.

Celine Garnier
High-School French

Celine began her experience in the U.S. teaching French in two NY State high schools.  After moving to Ecuador to teach in a university, she helped recruit teacher interns from South America for CHF's Spanish Teacher Trainee Program.  After a year in Ecuador, she moved to Canada, bore two children, and has returned to France to complete her PhD in instructional technology. 

Andre Sockmack
Public French-Immersion third-grade 
Andre Sockmack inspires his students to be better citizens while teaching in his native language, French.  He completed his Masters degree in Education while under sponsorship of CHF's teacher exchange program.

Keiko Mitsugi


CHF was requested by a Congressman to assist with Keiko Mitsugi's Sister-City exchange.  She dedicates considerable care and attention to creating educational exchange opportunities for American students and teachers to visit Japan each year.

Luis Zerpa
New England

Luis Zerpa enjoys teaching Spanish in a New England boarding school.  His family is housed in an historic white clapboard house on the edge of school grounds. 

Angela Watson
Angela Watson teaches History and Geography in a Seattle high school.  Every year she creates a unit on Cordell Hull and his influence during World War II that helped inspire his Nobel Peace Prize Award in 1945 as "Father of the UN."

Romildo Ghezzi

Peru / Canada 

Spanish Immersion/ESL
A talented linguist, Romildo Ghezzi is fluent in French, Italian, Japanese and Portuguese, plus English and Spanish. In the U.S. he taught in a public Spanish-Immersion Middle School.  He has visited CHF's Spanish programs in Oregon and Michigan, observing and interviewing bilingual Spanish teachers.  He periodically updates the Spanish version of our website and translates CHF brochures and speeches.  He is a valuable member of the CHF team.

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